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Our point of view
Specs and best practices : 

  • Skill development videos could be deployed in various ways – i.e. uploaded on online platforms (e.g. youtube, vimeo) or on proprietary / 3rd party learning management systems
  • They would be accessed on laptops or mobiles or tablets
  • These videos could also have interactivity elements (e.g. quizzes)
  • The above needs to be specified at the beginning of the project – so resolution, aspect ratio, layout etc. can be suitably addressed
  • Cost range : Rs 1-1.5 lacs – costs can be optimised by shooting as many modules as possible in a single day, at the same location
  • Key cost factors : interactivity, shooting at multiple / remote locations, editing & post-production
  • Turnaround time of approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Key time factors : script (from client), availability and tutoring of participants, editing & post-production, interactivity
  • Duration of video is a function of the topic being covered – however, studies have shown that interest wanes after around 7 minutes – so some form of break (a quiz or a recap) is recommended