Products & Services | Augmented Experiences (AR / VR)


Solution Ideas :

  • Safety training and education : Using AR, the user points the mobile to an LPG cylinder and it will demonstrate the way it should be handled, turned off or connected with simple user-friendly simulations. Similarly for areas such as : industrial installations, cargo handling, marine facilities etc. for training and prevention of accidents
  • Targeted risk and insurance cover : If the user points a mobile around a property (household/premises/factory), it visually demonstrates the need for  insurance and illustrates benefits and commercial terms. 
  • Efficiencies in inspection and claims settlement : By overlaying additional information during inspection / damage assessment – remote and expert guidance is available during an inspection. Application areas : Industrial, crop and car accident damages. 


Mood board : 

Crossing the 4 hoops Key desirable words
What is the potential impact Able to hold attention
What would be the audience appetite and reaction Offers new perspective; interested
Is there a commercial opportunity Incremental insurance; lower risk profiling
Ease of use Easy to use; not gimmicky

What can we do : 

  • Help you decide the best application of immersive technology for your needs
  • Facilitate creation of end-to-end solutions or individual elements / 3D assets

Use our quick estimate for cost and turnaround time (and add concept / story development, live shoot and music as per your specific needs – could range from Rs. 1-3.5 lacs, based on factors like uniqueness of concept, originality of music and 1 day of live shoot)