Identity | Brand Film


Our point of view
Best for :

  • Building a distinct identity in a crowded market

Specs and best practices : 

  • Cost range : Whiteboard animation videos cost around Rs 50-75,000/- per minute
  • Key cost factors : concept / story development, music, complexity of frames
  • Turnaround time of approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Key time factors : concept / story development
  • Ideal length – 3 minutes 
  • Social media version - keep it topical and text-oriented :
  • Needs use of subtitles for Facebook, an on-screen call-to-action, time duration upto 60 seconds for Facebook
  • Pin a video to the top of the page to introduce the brand or highlight a new product
  • Upload videos directly to Facebook – to give accurate analytics and better visibility in the feed
  • For Instagram, avoid subtitles or heavy text (keep it really short - maximum up to 45 seconds)
  • For Twitter, videos that have text are 11% more likely to be viewed, and they have 28% higher rates of completion