humminglive is designed for creative talent and people looking to create films and professional videos to communicate their ideas.

humminglive connects people with curated content creators for all video projects. We intelligently match creative talent to video projects and thereafter facilitate milestone tracking & payments, enable visual review of work in progress, with alerts and notifications to make the process simple, smooth and efficient.

If you are a creative talent engaged in a craft for development of a film and video product, you can build your profile at humminglive and open up to diverse opportunities.If you are looking for creative professionals to create your video at whatever stage – idea, creative development, production or post-production, you can get in touch at any stage.

If you are looking for creative professionals to create your video at whatever stage – idea, creative development, production or post-production, you can get in touch at any stage.
From social media platform videos to full feature motion picture entertainment and everything in between – you can leverage humminglive for affordable solutions to almost any video communication challenge.

This includes : corporate identity and brand films, marketing related product introduction and user experience video, training and educational content, film, TV and internet entertainment content and using creative-technologies of animation, VFX and immersive (AR/VR) to tell your stories better.
We want to make this simple, productive and delightful in whatever video you would like to create.

Our intelligent technology guides you thru an intuitive decision on the type of video you need and crafting a custom brief.

We have built a deep understanding of creative skills at an atom-level and map a creative talent’s profile to 297 skill-roles in the 28 crafts from writing to post-production and their experience to genres, video styles they have built specialisation in – ensuring the recommendation matching is closest to the project’s needs.
Your profile communicates your professional personality – specialisation, body of work, skills and experience.

This help you connect to projects and people that you would like to work with.

The construct of the profile page is detailed as it captures various elements of your skills – these help in highlighting your unique profile and strengths, greatly improve discovery of your profiles by project originators and also enable a deeper match in our recommendations – connecting you to projects and people that you would like to work with. The more detailed your profile is, the better it is for all of us.
Yes ! It is designed as a global network and we believe this enables greater opportunities to connect with diverse talent. We will be expanding geographically in a phased manner.
You could look for talent at any stage of content creation – concept development, production or post-production. And of course, as a combination too.

As a first step, review the video types and styles on our site – that will help you understand various possibilities and shortlist what kind of video and style you are looking for.

Thereafter, you can create a ‘post’ of your project and through an iterative process, craft a custom communication brief for your project.

For multi-touchpoint projects, we have experts that can make complex assignments a lot simpler and efficient.

Thereafter, you will be able to review the talent profiles :

a) We will recommend talent that is right-fit for your requirements

b) You can also invite candidates to apply – by browsing through the profiles listed in “Looking for Creatives” tab.

c) You can choose to make you post ‘private’ – in which case only persons invited by you can view and apply.

In all cases, our algorithm would provide the recommendation of fit to project.
We screen the creative talent on the platform for domain-specific knowledge, experience, personality and professionalism.

For videos relating to Identity, Product and Services, Learning & Knowledge, we review past experience, quality of outputs and standards of quality. For tech-creative skills in the animation, VFX and immersive areas, we review domain skills, experience and validate proficiency and capabilities with test projects, prior to on-boarding on our platform.

For Entertainment projects, we review past work, quality of outputs and ability to translate vision to reality.

For talent that leads/contributes in enterprise outcome projects, we review past project experience, sample outputs, sectoral understanding and communication and consulting skills.

We aim to recommend talent to your project that have demonstrated proficiency with a similar project.
As you review the various types and styles of video projects, we have provided reference costs estimates as a guide, to empower you with knowledge prior to commencement of a project.

For actual projects – the pricing is set by the creative talent – and will vary based on project type, length, time sensitivity as well as the required expert experience and talent’s personal profile. Creative talent would typically anticipate hours of work and milestones.

The best practice is to include a rough range estimate in your project post, which gives the creative talent insights into your expectations.

As you are evaluating their profile and project bids, we recommend that you engage with them to understand their profile, understanding of the brief and pricing, prior to making the final shortlist and selection.

For enterprise outcomes and certain creative-tech projects that involve multi-touchpoints, we will help you put together the project cost estimates as well as, if required, provide fixed-price contracts alongwith clear milestones.
We gain when you gain.

As and when a project gets awarded through our platform, we charge a fee of 8%. This fee is deducted from each milestone payment made by you to the Creative Talent, until the project gets completed. So you do not pay anything more than what you contract for with the creative talent.

In specific projects, such as Enterprise Outcomes, Creative-Tech, if you need our deeper involvement in project management and supervision for outcomes, we will discuss specific terms tailored to your specific objectives.
We bring deep domain expertise and understanding of the video creation space and believe the future of work is collaborative (among talented teams) and are working towards enabling that objective.

We have designed to make this simple, productive and delightful in whatever video you would like to create – and you can reach out to us at anytime for any assistance.

We are building specific expertise in the areas of immersive technologies (AR / VR) and applying it across various industry specific solutions. We would be happy to work on specific projects in this area and apply global teams for best results.
After shortlisting, evaluation and closure of terms with the selected creative talent, you would enter into a Work Order (WO), documenting the commercial understanding (payment terms, deliverables and milestones), captured into your dashboard.

The WO can be amended anytime you and the selected creative talent feel necessary.

Thereafter, Workrooms are created - that allows you and others to review work and provide feedback to all involved in your project. The visual workroom enables a participant to annotate on any file – videos, PDFs, illustrations – making the process efficient in time and interpretation. In fact, a project originator can create multiple visual work rooms for a project with different participants – thereby ensuring flexibility and confidentiality levels as you deem fit.
It’s upto you.

You could choose to engage with a production house and they would be responsible for final delivery of the project.

Alternatively, If you would like to assemble the various team members individually, you could do that too - and we will help find a project supervisor to manage your project.
Our platform is fully secure. Our business is connecting top quality creative talent to clients who want to work with them for projects.

All IP is the property of the client and work completed and paid for is the property of the client.

All talent signed up on the platform agree to respect IP and maintain confidentiality ; however if a client would like to – can enter into specific NDAs and terms with the creative talent.
Customer satisfaction during the process is critical are for us. If for some reason you are not happy with the progress or results, we will work to establish a successful outcome through mediation or expert replacement.
In specific projects, such as Enterprise Outcomes, Creative-Tech, which have multi-touchpoints, which needs our deeper involvement in project management and supervision for outcomes, we will discuss objectives and take responsibility for project management.