About Us

Hello, we are humminglive

We help you put out the best version of yourself - in what you do, in what you create and in what you believe.

Why we exist

For modern and digital era entities, humminglive is a definitive curated market network that helps communicate their positive impact with transparent, relevant and actionable content solutions.The earlier we step in, the more helpful we can be.

Our intelligent technology engine connects creative talent to a spectrum of opportunities and interesting projects that match your interests and strengths.

Intelligent technology for best custom results

From an iterative process to help you choose what you want to create and craft a custom brief to solution builders to estimate costs in animation, VFX and immersive experiences - we make things simple.

We help you decide what you want and who to work with you on your projects – and a full stack approach to manage projects.

We work at your pace and for complex and multi-touchpoint projects, we have experts that can make complex assignments a lot simpler and efficient.

Our Team

Who we are

Credible Honest Responsive Optimistic Knowledgeable

Who we are not

Biased Unreliable Unpredictable Ambiguous Complicated

How we want our customers to feel

We have got your back and make things happen - simply, quickly and effectively

The bee symbolises community, brightness and endurance

We are in this together and love what we do. If you would like to join the team, drop an email to anil.arjun@humminglive.com